DC Survival Guide

Ethnic Food:

Indigo-Delicious Indian food in a cozy neighborhood atmosphere. Lots of vegetarian options-try the spicy pumpkin! Awesome homemade breads.

Bagels & Bakeries:

Bread Furst-Great bakery near where we podcast. Breads, scones, homemade English muffins, bagels…need we say more?

Bullfrog Bagels-Chewy bagels, homemade cream cheese, and lox smoked in-house. If you go to Star and Shamrock next door, you can even get a Bullfrog bagel for dinner.


Pi Pizzeria-Deep dish pizza with a crust and flavorful tomato sauce that will keep you craving Pi long after you’ve left the restaurant. Lots of good vegetable and meat fillings. You can’t go wrong.

Pupatella-Neopolitan pizza served right out of a wood-fired oven after a minute long bake. The oven is THAT hot. Oh and try the grapefruit and arugula salad, it’s fresh and flavorful.

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