Hello! We are Lisa and Priya, and we are the hosts of Take The Cannoli Podcast. We love to talk about food, think about food, and most importantly, EAT food. This podcast is our way of sharing our food obsession with each other and you. We talk about both the best recipes and disappointing but oh-so-real culinary disasters coming out of our kitchens; food news and trends good, bad, and just plain weird; and our tricks for surviving the DC food scene.

About Priya:

Priya is a picky eater who comes from a long line of ravenous eaters and spice lovers. She’s passionate about food in all its forms, including promoting food justice and food security in our communities.

Guilty pleasures?

Gelato and ice cream. I am the person who hits up Ben and Jerry’s in January when everyone else is hitting the gym.

Favorite dish to make?

Lamb kabobs! I was not introduced to lamb until well into my 20s, something I very much regret. I have been perfecting my lamb kabob recipe for the last few years. I love making it because it is such a universal recipe; It feeds a crowd or just a few, it comes together quickly, and it’s mighty delicious. What more can you ask for?

Favorite dish to eat?

Hands down – my mom’s dosas and tomato chutney. My mom is a true seasonal eater. She makes tomato chutney for half the year. In the summer, she uses tomatoes from her garden – it is HEAVEN. We freeze her bumper crop and can usually have good tomatoes for chutney until November. After that, you have nothing but the memory to see you through the winter.

Deep, dark food secret?

I hate vegetables that resemble trees: broccoli, asparagus, and cauliflower. Also – I am a much better cook than baker. In fact, I suspect I may even be a bad baker. Lisa is incredible at cutting the sugar in a recipe or replacing ingredients with yogurt or whatnot. I find this to be simply amazing! When I am bold enough to make substitutions (which happens rarely), the results vary from inedible to vaguely unsatisfying.

Most ridiculous thing you have done for a good meal?

Isn’t this all in the eye of the beholder? I mean I suppose most people find it silly that I drive double digit miles to Virginia to get groceries and my Vietnamese fix at Eden Center…

Food pet peeve?

SMALL PLATES for normal prices!

About Lisa:

Lisa is a lover of kitchen routines. cooking rituals, and breakfast. She is a meal planner through and through, and is always thinking about the next meal, which happens to run in her family. You can find Lisa’s favorite recipes at Three Meals and a Cookie.

Guilty pleasures?

I’m not a big candy person, but I have a thing for Twizzlers. The chewiness is just so satisfying! Also, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups on tart frozen yogurt. Okay maybe this is revealing that I am a candy person after all…

Favorite dish to make?

Shakshuka (eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce)! I eat this nearly every night for dinner. The combination of the spicy sauce and the runny eggs is to die for. Plus, it can be on your table in about 15 minutes.

Favorite dish to eat?

Whole wheat everything bagel with lox, cream cheese, tomatoes, red onion, and capers. It’s in my blood. I’m on a constant search for the best bagel, which in DC is a tough job.

Deep, dark, food secret?

I hate tropical fruit…mango, pineapple, papaya, coconut…the list goes on. This causes very strong, negative reactions from tropical fruit fans. But I’m a New Englander through and through, give me berries and apples please!

Most ridiculous thing you have done for a good meal?

I went camping with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends, and I was worried that the food options would be very boy-oriented, aka a whole lot of beef jerky. I was also worried that they would eat any and all of the food I brought for myself, so I made a decoy granola without all the good stuff and doled it out to them. Meanwhile, I kept the batch chockfull of cashews and dried fruit for myself, hidden away in my backpack. Normal, right?

Food pet peeve?

Bagels that are really just rolls with a hole are a travesty.

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