Episode 6: Cooking with gas!

In this episode there’s lots of restaurant talk that will make you hungry, organizing tips to make your pantry a less scary place, and our favorite (and only) producer’s very own kitchen disaster.

Pantry spring cleaning

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Don’t forget to pick up Fruitcycle snacks at Glen’s Garden Market or on Amazon!

Serious Eats’ guide to pots and pans


Toki Underground

Vigilante Coffee

The Carving Room-get the egg salad!

Episode 5: Fruitcycle!

We talk with Elizabeth of Fruitcycle, a social enterprise that makes delicious, healthy, locally sourced snacks. Fruitcycle focuses on using produce that would otherwise go to waste and provides jobs for women who have been formerly incarcerated, homeless, or are otherwise disadvantaged.

Elizabeth is an inspiration, and we have a great time chatting with her about her genius business concept! Also, her snacks are legit. Lisa ate ALL the kale chips.

Show Notes:

Fruitcycle-check out their snacks on Amazon!

Fruitcycle Snacks

Ted Talk on food waste

Mess Hall–culinary incubator 

Together We Bake

Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard

Stribling Orchard

Bangkok Golden’s crispy rice salad


Episode 4: Yelp!

In this episode we talk about our feelings on yelp reviews, how to make dulce de leche without burning your hands, and what to do if your coworker gives you a head of radicchio.

Actors reading yelp reviews

Woodlands (the Indian one)

Woodlands Vegan Restaurant

Slow cooker dulce de leche

Apple coffee cake with dulce de leche


Best peanut butter from Whole Foods

11 ways to use radicchio

Stuffed shells with radicchio

Sri Lankan Restaurants:
Banana Leaf -not Priya’s fave
Shakthi-the good one in Del Ray
These are Sri Lankan hoppers…they aren’t kangaroos like Lisa was imagining…
Sri Lankan hoppers

Episode 3: Yucca, these are delicious!

In this episode, we chat about embarrassing things parents do at holiday parties, breakfast and lunch co-ops, where to get your Laotian food fix, and judge Obama’s sweetener choices.

All about the Feast of the Seven Fishes

Restaurant Startup on CNBC, which Lisa got confused with Best New Restaurant on Bravo

Laotian Restaurants: Bangkok Golden-the original location in Fall’s Church; new location in Columbia Heights- Thip Kao

Rasika’s palak chaat

Because Lisa loves our listeners, she is willing to share this gem…it was not a lie that her dad is Santa on Christmas every year..
.Lisa's dad as Santa